jobs at chemelot

Working and Learning

There is no better place to begin your career or to give it a boost than Chemelot. Here you can make the fullest use of your qualities and continue to invest in yourself. Quite simply, within a high-tech environment, there is an expectation that you will expand and update your expertise through continued training and education, by means of short courses or part-time longer-term programmes. You will also be continually learning in practice, for instance by actively participating in various projects. Working and learning go hand in hand here, and that will continue throughout your career.

Starting out and doing a work placement

Every year, the eyes of many promising and talented individuals are opened at Chemelot. Through work placements and apprenticeships, they can get to know the unique environment of chemical companies. From start-ups to multinationals, here you will have every opportunity to discover what suits you best. Besides in-depth specialization, there is also plenty of scope for broad development. You will learn about the world of practice while working.

Opportunities for process operators and those who want to become process operators

Chemelot is home to the Netherlands' most challenging and large-scale complexes. This is 'top of the bill' for process operators. Holders of the Dutch VAPRO B qualification (or equivalent) who also have a good command of the Dutch language have a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from.

Learning on the job

Chemelot is also affected by an ageing work population. This has two major advantages for job seekers. Firstly, many employees are due to retire in the coming years, which means there will be a constant flow of new vacancies. Secondly, there are many senior employees at Chemelot - seasoned professionals with decades of practical experience. You can learn an incredible amount from them. No book contains the knowledge that they can pass on to you.

Personal growth

It's up to you: do you want to deepen your expertise and become the best in your technical field? Or do your ambitions lie in management? One thing is certain: at Chemelot, you can also develop a lot as a person. The international environment, the wide range of companies, all the disciplines that are brought together here, the social impact (safety before everything else) of everything you do. You will grow as a person here.

Good for your CV

Wherever you end up, a job at Chemelot always looks good on your CV. If you do well here, it speaks volumes about you. People with confidence and a solid track record are welcome